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CHOICE Pain & Rehabilitation is dedicated to providing quality care in assisting our patients to optimally improve their conditions. We have been expertly trained to work within the limitations placed upon our patients by a disabling impairment or disease process for which there is no known cure. We use a team approach to chronic conditions which is our standard of care to coordinate care of our patients. Comprehensive Rehabilitation is incorporated within our practice. We act as facilitator, team leader, and medical expert for rehabilitation. We are the point of triage for our patients and care truly about our patients’ outcomes.

  • Locations: Hyattsville, Lanham, & Gaithersburg
  • Phone: (240) 786-1001
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  • About CHOICE Pain

    The physicians at CHOICE Pain and Rehabilitation are uniquely trained in pain management treatment, allowing CHOICE Pain to provide a customized pain management plan for each patient.

  • Pain Conditions

    Do you know what is causing your pain? Acute and Chronic pain may indicate a serious underlying condition, or may be the result of a minor strain. Get to know your symptoms.

  • Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy helps an injured patient build muscle strength, increase flexibility and improve stability. Depending on the condition, Dr. Shockley prefers treatment options that keep a patient moving.