The staff at CHOICE Pain and Rehabilitation Center receives referrals for orthopedic, sports medicine, and other pain related problems from physicians and other healthcare specialists across Maryland and the D.C. area.

We would be pleased to handle any referral. Patients can bring their medical information to us, or you can call us at 240-786-1001.

The physician can also complete the form below, which will come to us via email for us to contact both you and the patient. During and after treatment, we will provide feedback and progress reports to the referring physician.

Refer a Patient:


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The pictures displayed in this website are images of physicians, patients and employees who have consented to have their pictures in this website.

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To contact CHOICE Pain and Rehabilitation Center, fill in the form below. Your information will be delivered directly to a representative who will follow up with you to answer any questions you have or to help you set up an appointment.


With three locations across the Washington D.C. area, taking the next step towards a pain free life may be easier than you think.

Click below to request an appointment at any of our three D.C. locations.

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Our Mini-brochure is a great introduction to Choice Pain and Rehabilitation, featuring physician bios, treatment capabilities, and other important information. Feel free to print the print-friendly PDF and bring it with you to your appointment to ask any questions.

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